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We welcome sponsors who can help us encourage, recruit, and support both youthful and veteran singers. Whether starting out on a singing career or returning to one after illness or life events, these annual gifts help cover costs of travel, music, access and specialist training.  In VQ24 we aim to have a mix of experience in each part and encourage learning at all stages in a singing career. You can be part of this by sponsoring either a particular singer or funding our efforts here across the board for a year. We currently have three sponsorable postions open and would like to add more.

Sponsor a Singer

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  • Let us know if there is a particular singer within VQ24 that you wish to sponsor by contacting The sponsorhip last for two terms (or a calendar year) and includes 1:1 tuition for the singer. 

  • Payment covers support, training and encouragement of the singer chosen for the two seasons (or main events) from the date of the sponsorship and can be renewed each year.

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