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You can Top the Bill and sponsor a whole event, with opportunities for brand placement and an allocation of five pairs of complementary tickets for the concert with this package. Bringing even a cappella concerts to fruition takes a lot of time - the talent, the leader, the venue costs, insurance, refreshments, etc - it all mounts up. You can help us to focus on the artistic integrity of the concerts by taking away the financial headaches behind the scenes - and bringing joy to the community. If you wish, sponsors can be modest and muted, or you can have brand placement and exhibition opportunities at refreshments and on promotions. Contact us to discuss the package that suits you best:


SKU: 364115376135191
  • A headline promotional opportunity is available for each concert and comes with a rnge of possibilities. You and up to five guests are guaranteed the best seats in the house, refreshments throughout, brand positioning on promotional materials and programmes.  You will be able to attend the penulitmate rehearsal and meet the singers and musical director to explore the meaning of the pieces and their significance.

  • To discuss forthcoming concerts ad which would be most appropriate for you adn yours, contact The earlier you agree which event to sponsor the more we can adjust to eachothers specific requirements adn preferences.

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