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Greater Love

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April 2023


St Mary's Church

28th October 2023

From 7pm

Classical A Cappella Concert

Experience the best of the classical a cappella repertoire the way it should be heard - face to face

28th October 2023

St Mary's Church, Banbury from 7pm

An exploration of the impact of love and loss on men and women, especially with Remembrance Day coming.

People will know Barber's haunting Agnus Dei from war films, and while Tavener's Athene was popularised after the funeral of Diana, his treatment of the Exhortation deserves to be equally well known for its haunting simplicity. Martin's exquisite mass for double choir is a technical challenge, but a heartfelt and deeply personal exploration of two millennia's experience of war, death, and recovery. Alongside these, we show English Civil Wars sensibilities from Tomkins and Purcell, and especially the sublime women's lament from Dido. Contemporary takes from Betinis and Wachner complement the old Masters like Lobo too.

This is an exploration of the pain of grief and loss, but also of the resilience of love given in the greatest sacrifice, and how those left behind can move on, recover and even take solace from the old adage that it is better to have and lost...

Come and join VentiQuattro (24) and light a candle with us. As ever, the concert ticket includes all refreshments and drinks, available from the start of the concert and in the interval.

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